Monday, November 5, 2012

Two Deaths, One Birth

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Wow. Just freaking… wow.

Episode #304 of "The Walking Dead" was all about raw, real, human emotion and despair, and it was a tear-jerker!

Evil prisoner Andrew (thought dead two episodes ago) reappeared and caused all kinds of crazy shenanigans last night by opening gates, and luring walkers inside the prison! The once secure facility was suddenly a killing ground as a sea of walkers made their way in and took everyone by surprise.

People were separated, scared and confused as to what could have caused this problem. Everyone fought valiantly… even Herschel as he downed a walker with a crutch while hobbling away… but unfortunately there were casualties.

T-Dog… a great character whom we've all come to love… suffered a terrible bite to the shoulder while fighting off the horde and later made an amazing sacrifice by charging two walkers with no weapons but his massive fists, so that Carol could get away. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

And, of course, Lori goes into labor and has to give birth in a filthy boiler room with only Maggie and Carl to assist. Unfortunately, because of complications she has to have a c-section and bleeds out. Poor Carl puts a bullet in her head to ensure she doesn't turn.

Here's a clip of the cast talking about the episode and what it means to their characters:

Aim high. Run fast. Pass the tissues.


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