Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Ass-Kicker

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Isn't it interesting to see how everyone is handling the zombie apocalypse just fine except for the guys in charge?

After T-Dog and Lori's death, Rick takes a trip down looney blvd. and goes on a massive walker rampage. The governor, on the other hand, takes a calmer approach and simply brushes the hair of his rotting walker daughter.

Michonne is finally able to leave Woodsbury, but Andrea stays. It seems the "back to normal" lifestyle of the little community overrides the bad vibes Michonne feels. I can see where she's coming from, but I personally feel Andrea is an idiot and easily blinded.

For instance… the Governor has been keeping walkers. He says it's ok because he "has his reasons" and she's FINE with that. But it wasn't that long ago that she found out Hershel had walkers in his barn and she freaked…or was that because Shane was freaking about it?

So what now? Michonne's on her own…. Carol is still lost… the baby still doesn't have a name, though I like Daryl's idea (see blog title), and now the PHONE is ringing??

Check out this video of the cast and crew discussing the latest episode and how it affects their characters:

Aim high. Run fast.


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  1. Wow, I can not believe this show so far!! Glad you dish customers got your show back!

    That governor is all kinds of creepy.

    Question: is it just me, or do you also find it annoying that Andrea falls in love with every guy in her immediate radius?

    1. Hey Trina! Great to hear from you!

      To answer your question, YES! I find it annoying, too! lol Andrea seems to have a thing for alpha males, and unfortunately it seems to blind her to their craziness.