Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ultimate Zombie Weapons, pt. 4

In the first three installments of this on-going series, we've seen some incredible firepower. We've seen guns that could mow down the undead and turn a rampaging horde into nothing more than an oil slick in a matter of seconds.

BUT... what happens when the ammo runs out? Unlike popular video games, running across piles of the perfect ammo, or fully loaded AK's is highly unlikely.... so what then??

Introducing the do-all, be-all weapon of the bullet-less frontier... The Halligan Bar!

Firefighters love this thing. Why? Because it's can pry, twist, punch and strike. Consisting of a claw, a blade and a pick it's more than able to get that frustrating door unstuck, or put out the lights of any pesky undead.

The one pictured is about 30 inches, titanium and weighs a mere 5.25 lbs.... but get your wallet out because it's over $500 (although there are cheaper versions).

So what happens if you find yourself barricaded in a janitor's closet with the undead blocking the door? You pull out the halligan bar and you make a NEW door.

Check it out:

Aim high. Run fast.


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