Monday, December 2, 2013


Warning: Spoiler's Ahead!

HOLY CRAP what an episode! Last night's midseason finale was an incredible non-stop roller coaster of action and emotions!

Almost immediately, the prison was confronted with the threat of Governor 2.0, along with his new pals and a freakin' tank!

After taking Herschel and Michonne prisoner, the Governor tries to take over the prison "peacefully", but he proves that he is a character that cannot change... he cannot be the kind of man he would need to be to co-exist, and he proved his point by taking Herschel's head, using Michonne's sword!

Then all hell breaks loose...and the Governor is KILLED!! Seriously, there is SO much to talk about that I can't run it all down.... if you haven't seen the episode, PLEASE stop what you're doing and watch it (I'm sure your boss won't mind), and don't forget to tune back in February 9th!!

Check out the lowdown from those involved:

Aim high. Run fast.


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