Monday, October 21, 2013


Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Oh, that Patrick. One minute he feels like he might throw-up, and the next, he's making a buffet out of some poor member of Club Cell Block who sleeps WAY too deep for someone living in the throws of a zombie apocalypse.

As if zombies and body odor weren't bad enough, it looks like it's flu season for our heroes! Patrick started a chain reaction of undead and they lost a lot of people. Meanwhile, someone is feeding the walkers at the fence, and you know what happens when you feed stray zombies... they just don't leave.

Now their numbers are so big that they're coming closer and closer to brining the fence down! The one good thing about it is that it forces "farmer Rick" back into his natural leadership role... and he strapped his gun back on his hip.

Check out this run down of the episode straight from the mouths of everyone involved.

Aim high. Run fast. Pass the Theraflu.


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