Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Creepy Clara and Farmer Rick

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

My all-time favorite tv program, AMC's "The walking Dead" returned last Sunday to a HUGE 16+million viewed season four premiere, and my how things have changed.

You may remember at the end of season three, Rick told the prison group he was not their governor, and he apparently meant it. Things are now decided on by a council, made up of a handful of the original group (plus Sasha), and Rick is outside playing farmer to a make-shift farm, complete with crops and some livestock.

The Woodbury people seem to be well-adjusted to their new home, and Daryl is living the rock star life as everyone sees him as the awesome guy he really is.

In fact, everything seems just peachy at "Club Cell Block," which is reason enough to cringe in anticipation of what has got to be right around the corner...and it all started with Creepy Clara, and a simple trip to the PX.!

Oh! And Herschel found a prosthetic leg, Carl has friends near his own age, Beth's boyfriend gets eaten and she acts like it's no big deal, people (and pigs) are getting sick, there are TONS of fence zombies (and one has bleeding eyes), Carol is secretly teaching knife-use to kids because Rick is against it ??!?...

Well, I could go on with my thoughts and interpretation of the episode, but why not hear it from the cast and crew themselves?

Aim high. Run fast.


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