Thursday, October 10, 2013

8 Things...

As Season Four of AMC's "The Walking Dead" gets geared up to start THIS SUNDAY we're all super excited and, if you're like me, you're more than a little nervous. That show is famous for "keeping it real" by killing off unexpected members of the gang. Some might say even Rick isn't safe, though I'd be really, REALLY surprised if he was made into walker chow.

But, even if we don't know what to expect, our little band of heroes probably do, right?. All their characters have changed and evolved as they've become used to living in a post-apocalyptic wonderland. In fact, there can't be that many life lessons left, can there?

PopSugar seems to think so. Check out their short video, "8 Things the Walking Dead Characters Should Know By Now."

Aim high. Run fast. THIS SUNDAY!!


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