Monday, February 18, 2013

Norman Reedus Interview

Fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead" have grown to love the zombie killing machine known as Daryl Dixon. Like a redneck ninja, he's put more zombies back in the grave than Tallahassee ever dreamed.

Here's a portion of an interview conducted by (and originally posted on) with Norman Reedus... the man behind the crossbow:


Q: Emily Kinney told us about how they worked her skills as a singer into the show. Have any of your off-screen talents been integrated into your character?

A: I can't sing like Emily, but a lot of my characteristics are in Daryl. I ride a bike and am good at giving people dirty looks.

Q: You've been riding your motorcycle on-set and off for a few years now. Have you found some good back-country Georgia roads to cruise?

A: I take it south of here and I don't even keep track of where I am. I drive for hours. I've found so many new trails and so many new roads. The motorcycle Daryl rides is the one they picked out from Season 1 -- it was in the background. They found that bike and left the stickers on and liked it so much they didn't want to change anything.

Q: It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Daryl. What are some ways you've made the character your own?

A: When you do television, you have this opportunity to drop these subtle hints everywhere. The way you say things, for example, sometimes those seeds turn into trees. I've had quite a few of those things happen. Daryl's childhood, for example. In Season 2 when Carol kisses me after Andrea shoots at me, I flinched. That wasn't in the script and now this year there's a story line about how I had an abusive childhood. Having to do 16 episodes with these characters, of course we're going to find more to do. Carol and Daryl have a stronger bond, and I've gotten to explore stuff with my brother, for example.

Q: Was the reunion of Daryl and Merle this season as sweet for you and Michael Rooker as it was for fans?

A: We love each other; we're the best of friends. He's awesome and such a powerful actor. He's also amazing to watch. We're similar in a lot of redneck ways already, and we've become more similar on the show.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.


Remember my zombified version of Daryl I posted recently? Last week I packaged it up with one of THESE and mailed it off to him (care of his manager). I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Aim high. Run fast.


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