Monday, February 25, 2013


Remember food fights in school? Brownies whizzing overhead... grapes bouncing off the noggin of nearby nerds... taking cover under the table until the principal broke everything up... weren't they great?

Can you imagine how much fun a ZOMBIE food fight would be? Well, imagine no more! Now you can feel like part of the undead lunch melee thanks to this disgusting design! Wear it with pride, and feel free to make up horrible stories of dodging brains, or getting entrails wrapped around your neck!

Imagine all the opportunities you'll have for this little beauty, too! Whether it's Thanksgiving at grandma's, your first big job interview, or meeting your girlfriend's mother for the first time, this Zombie Food Fight design is sure to impress!

Now stop wasting time! Click HERE for the gear, and start chuckin' those innards!

Aim high. Run fast. INCOMING!


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