Saturday, December 22, 2012

Those Wacky Ancient Mayans!

Like a gigantic whoopee cushion, or a joy buzzer heard 'round the world, the ancient Mayans really pulled a good one on us, huh? No doubt if the original Mayans were around today, they'd say "you should have seen your faces!"

Of course, I'm not sure that many of us really expected a meteor to crash into us, or the world to flip on its axis, but it was enough hype to make us a little leery about stepping outside to get the paper yesterday morning, right?

In honor of the ancient Mayans and their tremendous sense of humor, I present the latest product from B'hold Designs! It reads: "Happy Mayan April Fool's Day! 12-21-12"

Click HERE for the gear, and let the world know you enjoy a universal prank that promotes mass hysteria as much as the next guy.

Aim high. Run fast.


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