Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Remember the old Prince song, 1999? Are you old enough to remember listening to that and thinking it was SO far away? I am. And now here we are, just a few hours away from 2013.

I've been a little behind on updating my blog in the last few months, thanks mostly to getting a new job that's a little more demanding of my time. Good for me, but the old B'hold Designs laboratory starts to get a little cobwebby, which ticks off the cleaning crew. Sorry about that.

Need plans for tonight? Feel free to come by B'HQ and help clean cobwebs! Or, if that doesn't strike your fancy, beginning at 8 pm (central), AMC is showing the entire first half of season three of their hit show, "The Walking Dead." Miss an episode or two this year? Now is the time to get caught up!

Am I making a resolution? Yes. I'm going to try my best to keep a more clockwork-like update of this blog. I will continue to tirelessly hunt down the official zombie news you can use and post it here for your viewing pleasure. If YOU stumble across something you think is zombie-news worthy, give me a shout! I'll be happy to post it and point to you as the zombie sleuth that tracked down the info, resulting in a multitude of virtual high fives.

As for tonight, be careful. Please don't drink and drive, and especially don't drink and hunt zombies. It's a waste of ammo, and your inebriated neighbor might not appreciate being shot at as he shuffles his way home.

Happy New Year from your four-eyed pals at B'hold Designs!!

Aim high. Run fast. Happy New Year!


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