Monday, December 1, 2014

Lost, Found, and Lost Again...

Warning: Spoiler's Below

Last night was the mid-season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and it hit the ground running... literally.

With officer baldy (his name escapes me, no pun intended) on the run, Rick wasn't far behind. Had this happened a couple of seasons ago, officer baldy might have been ok, but this is season 5 Rick and he doesn't take any crap and now he can add vehicular assault to his laundry list of post-apocalyptic necessary craziness.

But the big talk of the night is, of course, the loss of Beth who decided in the last second of the hostage trade to stand up to Dawn and stab her with a pair of scissors. Dawn retaliated with a bullet to Beth's head and then made the "oops" face just before a very pissed off Daryl paid her back at point blank range.

Let's hear it from the cast and crew themselves:

By the way.... MORGAN IS GETTING CLOSER! Did you see his face when he saw Rick's name on that map? February can't come fast enough!

Aim high. Run fast.


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