Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pass the Ketchup

It starts out innocently enough... you and your brand new sweetheart step into a restaurant, fast food joint, or a cruise through a drive-thru. You order french fries and ask your beloved if she'd like some as well.

Her response? "No thank you. I'm not very hungry."

"Are you sure?"

She smiles sweetly and replies "I'm sure."

Your food arrives and before you even have time to open your ketchup packet, she reaches over and steals one of your french fries. You look at her in disbelief. She smiles and your heart melts. And it happens again... and again.

You say, "I thought you didn't want any french fries."

Her reply? "I don't want a whole order to myself. I'll just have some of yours."

You stare back at her in disbelief. You ordered food that YOU wanted to eat. You gave her an option to have food that SHE could eat. Why didn't it work out that way??

With a half smile you say "ok" as she takes a few more.

The above scenario is one that happens every day all over the world, but it doesn't have to! Stand up with me, fellow husbands and boyfriends, and let your significant other (and everyone around you) know that it's not ok! Let them know they need to GET THEIR OWN DAMN FRENCH FRIES!

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Aim high. Run fast. Pass the ketchup.


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