Sunday, November 30, 2014


Ever daydream about being the big hero? Something like, Jennifer Aniston's shower stops working and only you have the ability to fix the issue while bringing her a washcloth-sized towel? Ok, maybe that's just me.

How about a zombie day dream? Many times, while elbowing my way to the macaroni and cheese, I have imagined going "Ash" on the zombified patrons of my local retail giant all to the applause and loving sighs of Jennifer Aniston in a washcloth-sized towel.

Now you can tell the world how you would come through in a zombie apocalypse simply by wearing a t-shirt!

B'hold Designs presents, the "Dude" design.

It reads: "Dude! If the zombies came I'd be like "Whoa!" and you'd be all like "I know, right?!" and then I'd be all "Bang! Bang! Pow!" with my shotgun and they'd be all like "Holy crap! We're dead again!" That would be awesome"

Poetry ain't it?

So zip on over to my STORE where you can pick up this little number for yourself and expect the fist bumps, high fives and knowing smirks to come rolling in as everyone (with the patience to read t-shirts with long messages) will no doubt rest a little easier knowing you've got their back.

Aim high. Run fast. Dude.


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