Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poster Art for the Return of The Walking Dead!


I sincerely hope that this year is brighter, happier and filled with more joy than you could ever imagine. And what better way to experience that then by watching a group of people suffer in misery?

That's right, I'm talking about AMC's "The Walking Dead", which is due to return February 9th! The official poster art has been released and it looks like poor Rick and Carl are on their own, at least for a while. But it's not just them! If you remember, most everyone is scattered after the attack by the Governor 2.0.

I'm predicting that Tyreese (with the young girls that saved his life) will find, or be found by Carol. Not knowing that she's the one that killed his girlfriend (in the interest of stopping a flu epidemic), he will grow very close to her, and eventually when he does find out, he won't be able to decide whether to forgive her, or put a shovel upside her head.

Hang in there zombie fans. Only one more month to go! Check out the trailer for the second half of season four below.

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Aim high. Run fast.


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