Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hunting for a Dixon!

I always knew that AMC "The Walking Dead" star, Norman Reedus was popular with the ladies, but I didn't know he had such power as to make them wander from their homes, kids in tow, on a quest to track him down!

Here's some info from Oregon Live:

* * *

"LAGRANGE, Ga. — A disoriented Mississippi woman and her three children ended up in Georgia while on a quest to find "her man"— an actor who plays a zombie slayer on the TV show "The Walking Dead," authorities said.

Police said an officer responding to a reported burglary in progress at a LaGrange home Sunday night found the woman coming out the front door.

The woman told LaGrange Police Officer Jason Duncan she didn't know where Reedus lived. "She said that she did not have that information as it was in the GPS that she left in her car," the officer said, learning that their car had run out of gas on the trip. Cops had taken them to a police department, then a shelter in LaGrange.

...she was taken to a hospital for treatment and evaluation, and wasn't charged with any crimes due to her mental state. Her husband, contacted by authorities, took the children back to Mississippi."

* * *

You think she brought along a nightie made out of squirrel pelts?

Aim high. Run fast.


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