Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good News for David Morrissey, Bad News for The Governor?

Warning: potential spoilers below

Everyone who watches AMC's "The Walking Dead" knows that The Governor escaped at the end of season three and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Will he pop up in season four and make a nuisance of himself, or.... is he gone for good?

David Morrissey, who played The Governor so brilliantly has recently landed the lead role of a new AMC project called "Line of Sight." Does that spell the end of his role on "The Walking Dead", or will he be able to do both jobs?

As of now, AMC swears that he can do both. Describing themselves as "huge fans of David Morrissey", AMC's powers that be say they're glad "he'll be doing double duty...on The Walking Dead and our pilot for Line of Sight, both of which are produced in Atlanta."

Being a new project, it's possible that the pilot is all the further "Line of Sight" will go. No word on what might happen if it's picked up for a full blown series. It might just mean the end of Andrea's final bad-boy boyfriend.

Hey, check out this TVLine interview with Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick... I still get a kick out of that English accent.

Aim high. Run fast.


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