Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rock Zombies

A good buddy of mine (Michael H.) recently scored some sweet concert passes that took him backstage and face to face with the one and only Nikki Sixx! (Dude! Congrats!)

He snagged a sweet picture of he and the Sixx-man, and then turned to the scientists at B'hold Designs Headquarters. Why? For the same reason ANYone would come to B'HQ with a photograph in hand... to be put thru the old zombification machine! And thusly, I present....ROCK ZOMBIES!

Remember, fellow followers of those that rise from the grave, you TOO can have images rendered corpse-like! I know what you're thinking, "How, Uncle Brett?? Tell us!!" To which I respond, "I will! Calm down!"

We here at B'HQ have access to various magic potions, bottled leprechaun farts and unicorn poo (none of those are used in making zombies...I just like to brag). Actually, all it takes is emailing me a picture (and money), click your heels three times and give me a couple of weeks! Click HERE for all the details.

Don't have a photo worthy you say? Take one! Grab some pals and take several! Just be safe and don't do any poses that might be dangerous, ok? After all, if something happens to you, who's going to pay me? :)

Aim high. Run fast. Say cheese.


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