Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zombie-Killin' Birthdays!

I love birthdays.... not mine so much. At my age there's nothing much to celebrate except that you're not dead yet.... but in general, birthdays are cool. There's cake, ice cream, naked pin the tail on the donkey... what's not to love?

I also love AMC's "The Walking Dead." So imagine how excited I am to shout out a happy bday to two of our favorite walker-slayers!

Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of Norman Reedus... the one and only guy who brings recovering bigot Daryl Dixon to life. And TODAY is the birthday of everyone's favorite tv farm girl, Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie!

There were no party invites in my mailbox or voicemail, so I'm assuming they celebrated alone with a quart of ice cream and their old Journey albums, like I do.


Aim high. Run fast. February 8th.


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