Monday, September 16, 2013


Many times, when a television show is a mega-hit, the powers that be will try to continue that success with a spinoff. Sometimes it works ("Cheers/Fraiser"), and sometimes it doesn't ("Friends/Joey").

This time around it's AMC who is creating a 'companion series' for "The Walking Dead!" Personally, I'm excited about this, and I believe it will succeed. Why?

1. It's the most popular show on television for adults 18-49.

2. It's the top-rated scripted show on tv

...but most importantly.....

Because it's different from other spinoffs in that it doesn't pin all of it's potential success on one popular star. In a world infested with the undead, the number of stories that can be told is only limited by the number of people on the planet.

I would love to see another vantage point of the same situation, and truly hope that it does well.

Slated for 2015, it's going to help AMC fill in the gaps as they lose "Breaking Bad" this year and "Mad Men" the next... both wildly popular shows.

No other info at this time as to characters, or even settings, but I'll definitely keep you posted as those come to light.

Aim high. Run fast.


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