Monday, June 17, 2013

Bringing Zombies Into the Classroom

Want to hear something weird? I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music. That's not my current profession, but it's in my past.

Once while in a music theory class, the professor was pounding out chords on the piano, while we were supposed to not only recognize them, but also shout out where they fell within the key he was playing in. Sound hard? It was.... for me at least. I seemed to be the only one not getting it and it was frustrating me to say the least.

Noticing what was going on with me, he got up from the piano, went to his desk and loaded up a tape (yes, a tape) of some early Elvis Presley tunes (which I loved). Recognizing and charting the chords within the classic, hip-wiggling rock and roll music was much easier for me. My mood and attitude was switched, and I was actually able to participate and succeed in the assignment.

The professor noticed how the information wasn't reaching me and did what awesome teachers do... he found another way.

And that's exactly what Seattle, Washington middle school teacher David Hunter did for his geography classes.

Mr. Hunter created his own curriculum (using National Geography Standards) that teaches the subject in the context of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Using textbooks, teaching plans and role playing, pulls his students into a dynamic scenario that teaches and entertains.

His Zombie-Based Learning got started on Kickstarter in June of last year, and got TWICE the funding he hoped for. His second Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funding for a series of his own graphic novels that will supplement the curriculum.

Check out this awesome video:

How amazing it would be to have a subject like geography taught in such an entertaining way. Hats off to you, Mr. Hunter, for finding a way to make students use their braaaaiinnssssss....

Aim high. Run fast.


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  1. All teachers need to be like him! This is awesome, not just because if the cool content, but also because he's a thoughtful teacher that cares about the learning experience. well done!