Monday, May 13, 2013

"The Walking Dead" Kicks More Than Just Zombie Butt

If you're like me, you love AMC's The Walking Dead, but encounter people daily who either don't watch it, have never heard of it, or just give you that look of superiority and infer that you're not quite grown up yet (that last one pisses me off).

Those kind of interactions can be quite depressing and make you wonder if you're the only one in the world that really watches the show. Well, wonder no longer...

Yahoo published a listing of this years "winners and losers" in cable television, and guess which column Rick and all the other zombie butt kickers sit? Say it with me... WINNERS.

According to Yahoo, this last season of The Walking Dead averaged 11.4 MILLION viewers, including 7.3 MILLION in the all so longed for adults-under-50 demographic.

What's that mean exactly? It means that Team Rick kicked the asses of other shows like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and AMERICAN IDOL (Yo! They're in it to win it, dawg!).

For a cable series to beat the crap out of network television is a huge deal and it gives a little peace of mind to you and I as we deal with the MINORITY of people who refuse to embrace the awesomeness of that program.

Aim high. Run fast. Take THAT.


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