Monday, September 10, 2012

Your Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team

Someone sat down to interview three of the stars of Resident Evil: Retribution... Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, and Boris Kodjoe... and asked them a great question. Who would be on your zombie apocalypse dream team?

Check it out:

While their answers might be a little goofy, I think it's a great question and a fun way to get a conversation started no matter where you are. Think about it.

Get dragged to the opera? Ask the bored husband next to you who would be on HIS team. Before you know it, the fat lady is singing.

Trapped at Wal-mart  on a crowded Sunday afternoon with cranky children? Ask THEM which cartoon character they'd like escorting them thru the seas of undead. They'll STILL be discussing it long after you've checked out and started the trip home.

Interviewing people for a job?? Talk about the greatest interview question of all time!! Nothing can give you insight to a person's brain than what supermodel they'd like riding shotgun thru the rotting streets of zombie town! 

Who would YOU want to take along?

Aim high. Run fast. Bruce Campbell.


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