Monday, May 7, 2012

Run for Your Lives!

I love, love, LOVE how zombies have exploded in popularity! There are more books than you can count, an amazing television show, movies, toys, games, LIVE games, and now the "Run for Your Lives" 5k obstacle race in Amesbury, Massachusetts!

You heard me. A 5k run while being chased by zombies. Apparently while you run, zombies chase you and try to take "health flags" that are attached at your belt! It features man-made and natural obstacles as well. Just look at these photos. How freaking 
awesome does that look?
You can go HERE for a slideshow of more pictures from the event, or HERE for their website. Apparently this goes on in several cities.

I don't run anymore (unless trying to catch my balance on the stairs), but it would be great to participate as a zombie, huh?

Check it out! Here's a promo video for the event!

Aim high. Run fast. Train for the brains...


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