Monday, February 20, 2012

What Would YOU Have Done?

One of the things I love about AMC's "The Walking Dead" is how they're able to make you see all sides to a situation. Take last night's episode...

(Warning! Spoilers below!)

We know that Hershel, Glenn and Rick were pinned down by an unknown number of guys that came looking for the two Rick put down last week. A gun fight breaks out and toward the end, Rick and Glenn find themselves pinned down behind a dumpster while a young man fired at them from a nearby roof.

Suddenly, the young man's "ride" pulled up, shouted that the area was crawling with "roamers" and that it was time to cut their losses and take off. The young man jumped from the roof to an awning of some kind and then promptly fell and impaled his leg on some decorative, wrought iron fencing. His ride, said "sorry" and took off, leaving him behind in a cloud of dust.

Now was Rick, Glenn and Hershel's chance for a quick getaway. BUT... there lied a young man in horrible agony... what to do? Rick, who despite their environment hasn't completely lost his humanity, wanted to save the young man, because leaving him there would be "cruel"... but the undead were everywhere at this point, and their window for escape was closing fast!

Hershel apologized to the young man and said they had to go... Rick insisted they save him... Glenn shouted that the young man was just shooting at them moments ago (good point)... Hershel suggests removing the young man's leg below the knee... but there's no time.

The walkers were nearly on them... they shoot a few and buy more time, but as we all know, walkers are attracted to the sound... there was no more time... and Rick basically ripped the young man's leg off the fence and they all got in the car and took off.

This whole situation (once explained back at the farm) infuriates an already frazzled Shane, who grows even more convinced that Rick will get them all killed...

So... what would YOU have done? No law, means no legal consequences for "putting the young man out of his misery" by a shot to the head... some might feel a need for vengeance and leave him as food for the walkers... or did Rick do the right thing? Despite the lack of hope, and the horrific surroundings with death around every corner is it possible that every life is still precious, or is it now every person for themselves?

Aim high. Run fast. Ponder greatly.


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